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The purchase of a new home becomes smooth with a home inspection as it gives you the peace of mind of being aware of everything that is to know about the property. A home inspection service by Tempest Inspections entails a thorough visual inspection of every possible aspect of the property by our licensed home inspector.

We strive to provide you insightful reports which are made after paying keen attention to every detail of the property you wish to purchase. With these inspection reports you can confidently go ahead and make the purchase, or negotiate the pricing in case of significant issues.


Our certified home inspectors are highly skilled and vigorously trained in identifying everything that could be wrong with a property. They inspect everything from the roof to the foundation, the interior as well as the exterior and pinpoint every problematic area. They leave no stone unturned in providing you satisfactory answers to all your home concerns.

To know what you’re buying can save you from losing your hard-earned money in future repairs. Before you make the purchase, contact us for a personalized inspection to become familiar with the home and its durability. We are known for our professional conduct amongst home owners/sellers, real estate agents, and commercial property owners throughout Calgary.


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