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Tempest Inspections provides premier mold testing service in Calgary, AB. Contact us to work with mold testing experts at the first sign of mold stains. Do not ignore a musty odor as it could be due to molds which grow rapidly. Our mold testing process entails inspection of every surface and moisture checks to identify mold growth.

With many successful mold remediations done in Calgary, we have earned a reputation for providing quick and reliable mold testing service. Our experts are qualified to conduct an inspection to establish a mold removal process tailored to your unique situation.

Why is Mold Testing Important

Although it is not unusual to find molds growing in our homes, they often go unidentified. Molds are fatal to your family’s health as exposure for a longer period of time leads to shortness of breath, skin allergies and eye irritations.

Often, water leaks and damages can promote mold growth. They can cause significant structural damages and serious health hazards. This makes it vital to have mold testing done at the earliest in order to get rid of it immediately. Based on the severity of the situation, our experts can offer solutions.

How Mold Testing Helps

Our home inspectors are certified to perform humidity checks for all rooms to detect possible microbial growths. They perform a visual inspection to document the source of growth and the current condition. We have professional equipment to aid us in checking every small section for mold growth.

We provide accurate results in detecting the presence of mold on a surface by simply taking a swab for sampling. On confirmation, we discuss and recommend procedures based on how grave the growth is. This helps you get clarity about the situation and proceed to mold remediation.


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