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Tempest Inspections raises the bar in the home inspection industry with the use of thermal imaging to help uncover structural issues. Thermal images are generated by a device that converts heat into visible light to help analyze an object.

It is often hard to diagnose air infiltration problems. They often go undetected during home inspections just like moisture and insulation issues. With the help of thermal, our inspectors are able to reveal hidden defects and help you in avoiding costly repairs.

Why is Thermal Imaging Important

We invest a huge chunk of our savings each year for the upkeep of our homes and offices to ensure they are safe and energy-efficient. If an issue goes unnoticed for a prolonged period of time, it could cost thousands of dollars more to troubleshoot and correct.

Thermal imaging helps you save your precious hard earned money by uncovering trivial issues so you can implement efficient maintenance tasks before it gets too late. Our inspectors are professional certified infrared thermographers who have the necessary knowledge and skills to bring to your attention poor installation damages done during the building construction.

How Thermal Imaging Helps

Thermal imaging shows the source and the extent of hidden water damage in a building. If not dealt with immediately, it can cost a fortune to repair in the coming years.

It also helps identify moisture trapped behind walls which facilitates mold growth and related health problems for occupants. Once you are made aware of this, you can get the seller/builders to adopt mold remediation protocols.

Apart from this, thermal imaging by our home inspector in Calgary is beneficial in pinpointing insulation problems, air leaks and structural deteriorations.


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