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Buying a property is a monumental investment and it is important to understand where you’re investing your hard-earned money. A professional home inspection can save you from investing in a faulty property that may cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to repair.

At Tempest Inspections, we take great pride in our work of helping our clients in making an informed buying decision with detail-oriented inspection services. When you choose you, you get to work with experts who are trained to uncover issues and provide structural insights about the state of a house.

Our dedication to providing quality inspections and transcending client expectations makes us the most established home inspection service providers in Calgary.

Best Home Inspector Calgary

With years of inspection experience and many accreditations, combined with our Licenses, our home inspectors come with unparalleled expertise to help you understand every aspect of a home you wish to purchase. Whether you are the seller or the buyer, our home inspector shares an honest opinion of the condition of the property along with their unbiased advice.

The key to a successful home inspection is working with an experienced inspector. At Tempest Inspections, we have the most proficient inspectors with years of experience in residential and commercial home inspections. This gives you the peace of mind that your property is being inspected by the best home inspector in Calgary.

Affordable Home Inspection Services Calgary

Committed to excellence, Tempest Inspections has been providing superior home inspection services at the most affordable rates to cater to all our customer's needs. We believe in upholding professional behaviour and an ethical approach in everything we do while keeping the prices as economical as possible.

For someone with no experience in the real estate industry, it can get difficult to judge whether a property is a worthy investment. Opting for a home inspection by our qualified inspectors is a smart investment for ensuring you buy a safe home for your family. Our inspectors work in sync with you at every step so you know you can count on their findings and suggestions.

Home Inspection Service

The purchase of a new home becomes smooth with a home inspection as it gives you the peace of mind of being aware of everything that is to know about the property. A home inspection service by Tempest Inspections entails a thorough visual inspection of every possible aspect of the property by our licensed home inspector.

We strive to provide you insightful reports which are made after paying keen attention to every detail of the property you wish to purchase. With these inspection reports you can confidently go ahead and make the purchase, or negotiate the pricing in case of significant issues.


Our certified home inspectors are highly skilled and vigorously trained in identifying everything that could be wrong with a property. They inspect everything from the roof to the foundation, the interior as well as the exterior and pinpoint every problematic area. They leave no stone unturned in providing you satisfactory answers to all your home concerns.

To know what you’re buying can save you from losing your hard-earned money in future repairs. Before you make the purchase, contact us for a personalized inspection to become familiar with the home and its durability. We are known for our professional conduct amongst home owners/sellers, real estate agents, and commercial property owners throughout Calgary.


At Tempest Inspections, we take great pride in providing highly valuable commercial inspections to assure real estate buyers and managers about the condition of a commercial property. Our commercial inspections are based on all the accessible components and systems of a property that help in reflecting on the future of the property.

Our home inspectors have vast experience in commercial inspections in Calgary conducted as per the InterNACHI’s Commercial Standards and Policies. With our inputs and detailed inspection reports, you have the liberty to bargain with the builder about the pricing or convince them to repair all possible defects before you make the purchase.


Thermal imaging effectively reveals many important issues by translating heat into visible light. Thermal images help in providing valuable insight on issues about moisture, deficient insulation, electrical system hot spots, heat/air conditioning and duct system, structural issues, plumbing leaks, etc.

Our certified inspectors understand building structures due to their vast experience in home inspections and can investigate the area with thermal imaging to find the root cause of issues. Their expertise and knowledge helps bring to notice hidden defects that a home buyer may miss. Our extended inspections include thermal imaging of the house to find energy deficiencies and moisture.


Tempest Inspections provide mold testing service in Calgary, AB which are carried out thoroughly to protect your family from the health hazards caused by molds. Moisture intrusion favors mold growth. As it poses a risk to health, you should contact one of our Calgary mold testing experts immediately on spotting mold growth in your home.

Tempest’s experts are licensed to conduct an inspection to identify a mold. The process involves a visual inspection taking into consideration the humidity levels. Post inspection, the mold removal & decontamination process is taken forward based on the complexity of the situation.

Home Building Inspector

A home building inspector can help you in reviewing whether a home building is in compliance with building codes. These buildings could be a newly constructed, or a prospective real estate purchase that needs an inspection. Our home building inspectors are fully insured and certified to provide on-site inspections in Calgary and surrounding areas.

It is believed by many home buyers that new buildings don’t need inspections. But in reality, even the builders can miss out on some trivial details in the complicated process of construction a building. This is why new home builds have problems that often go unnoticed. Our home building inspector can help uncover these problems so they can be handled before they cause any serious damage.


Tempest Inspections provides professional home inspection for Ontario-based properties. With the best inspection rates and commitment to client satisfaction, we have become one of the most sought-after house inspection companies in the region.

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  • Condominium Inspections.
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  • Basement Inspections.
  • Commercial Inspections.
  • Moisture Meter Readings.
  • New Construction Inspections.
  • Tarion Warranty Inspections.


Dave is an excellent, knowledgeable, professional and thorough inspector. We have hired him not only as an inspector, but also as a contractor and we have always been 100% satisfied with all of the work he has done. He is wonderful to work with as he is extremely competent, while also being patient, polite and very respectful. We trust him completely and would highly recommend him to our friends and family.

meg j

We had our house inspection completed yesterday—what a great experience. Dave showed up 15 minutes early and very professional. He showed us all of his pictures and went over his findings in great detail. He sent us his final report that same night, and he answered any questions we had. If you are looking for a fantastic home inspector that you can trust, I would recommend him! You will not be disappointed.

Danielle Vaz

Dave was very thorough and professional. He caught a lot of things that we would never have thought to look at and was comprehensive with testing and inspecting absolutely anything that could go wrong. He was also very informative about maintenance issues we could expect in the future and providing inspection/maintenance frequency estimates on all of the major equipment in our mechanical room as well as our roof.

Dylan Grove

We had Dave as our home inspector and he did a very thorough and detailed job. He was also very knowledgeable about current legislation and what changed over the years. After the inspection he went over everything with us and sent us all his findings in a report. We’d definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a good home inspector

Thomas Bernard

Dave did an excellent job on inspecting my soon to be new home. He was also very friendly! Also seemed to do a great job in a good amount of time. Was also very knowledgable about things and did a great job explaining everything to me! Thanks for the excellent work!

Katja Ruohio

Dave did a very thorough and detailed inspection. Discussed the areas of concern and other minor things that need to be done. The report was comprehensive and complete. Great job!

James Rappel


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